The Outbreak: By way of explanation

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

By way of explanation

Yeah, I kinda find it as hard as you probably do to believe that I'm blogging AGAIN. (This, of course, is Seanblog Volume 3. And you, of course, do not exist, as I haven't told anyone I'm blogging here yet.) But I think I can use the outlet. We're going to have much stricter parameters this time around, though, and unlike last time, I'm sticking to them. No politics--too much agita. No comics--I'd kinda sorta lose my job or something. Just personal postings about my life and where it stands and where I want it/need it to be going. The first place I'd like it to go is the hell away from this sort of writer's funk (it's not quite a block) that I've been in. If I do nothing else this year, I'd like to break out of it. Hence the name of this blog. Hell, hence this blog itself.

See you soon!


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