The Outbreak: Two things that would have happened this weekend

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Two things that would have happened this weekend

1. My sister would have graduated from college. Villanova. She was actually much better situated for post-college life than either Ryan or I were. I wonder what she would have ended up doing--last I heard she had some sort of internship lined up in Philly. I talked to her today and I think we'll be going over there tomorrow, if possible. I know she misses her friends, and her boyfriend. I'm pretty sure she's been able to talk to them all.

2. Star Wars Episode III. I was so, so tired of having to defend loving Star Wars to the hipper nerds back in the day. Now I guess I don't have to worry about that anymore. Good. I don't miss it. I've had no fewer than four different dreams in which I "watched" major chunks of this movie, and I hope I have more. The last one was actually hideous. It involved some sort of prelude to episode IV, in which Luke was from earth and was involved with a gang of children who were slaughtered by another gang of children. I'm talking shotguns at point blank range, children strangling each other. It ended with Luke hanging a man from a tree with piano wire.

I'm sorry, my heart is not in this today.

Oh, wait, update on the Leopolds, our landlords. They're not making us pay rend anymore. No one is sure how much that sort of thing matters anymore, or for how long it might matter, but it still feels nice of them. They've got a lot to deal with since Mike's girlfriend disappeared. Kurt joined one of the crews, mainly to find medicine for Jim in abandoned houses. And that's the WAY it is.

Back on the ambien tonite!!!


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