The Outbreak: Commute; Work from Home; "1995"

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Commute; Work from Home; "1995"

Yesterday it took me two hours to get to work and five hours to get home. Yes, you read that right--five hours. I could have driven to Boston in that time under normal circumstances. These, however, were not normal circumstances, as this commute was alternately the most frightening and the most excruciatingly dull driving I have ever done in my life. It started out in near-whiteout conditions, slipping and sliding on flash-frozen streets with a delightful slushy-snow coating, then culminated in taking about three hours in bumper-to-bumper traffic to traverse something like fifteen miles. It was beyond awful, and today the prospect of residual lousy traffic so terrified me that I stayed home and worked off my laptop. I got at least as much done here as I would in the office, with the added bonus of doing it in my pajamas. Fortunately the Missus just got back from choir practice and reports that the roads are now dry and ice-free, so tomorrow's commute looks to be fear-of-impending-danger-free.

Speaking of awkward sexual encounters I had in high school, here is a link to the much talked-about short autobiographical comic I wrote, "1995." It was drawn by artist Shawn Cheng, a member of the Partyka crew and a fellow son of Eli. This comic is not safe for work, and I assure you that I am not fucking around when I tell you that. In fact, I am going to attach the link to the actual phrase NOT SAFE FOR WORK just to make sure that none of you can say I didn't warn you. I can also tell you that it reveals, and I use that word deliberately, a lot more about me than you may want or need to know. That said, I hope you enjoy the comic, or whatever the appropriate response to it is. Follow the link, and then follow the links to the individual pages from there.



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