The Outbreak

Monday, March 28, 2005

Our landline isn't working anymore. This morning it was staticky and cut in and out, then it just stopped working. Maybe it's the rain. Cellphones are useless, even Verizon. Cable, electricity, water still running. We haven't heard from either of our families since this morning. The fire engines are still on the street, you can hear them most of the time.

This morning we decided we should try and bring the lady next door and her dog over here. Kurt, his two sons, his brother-in-law, and I all went over there. Her back window was broken in and we saw the 7-11 guy, who had wandered away last night, in there. His stomach, well, you could see it out of his body. He kind of looked at us for a minute and then made a noise, like a retarded guy. He started running for us and Kurt shot him in the neck. There was a big splatter of neck torn off from the left-hand side and he stopped making that noise, but now it was like a hissing sort of sound, and he was reaching out the window after us. John (younger son) hit him in the head three times, hard, with the baseball bat. At this point we break in and we can hear her making these high-pitched squealing sounds in her basement. We just closed up the door. Her dog had been hiding behind the couch and came out when we got in there. We brought him back home.

Once we boarded everything up with shit from Kurt's van we didn't go outside again. I came back up here and I'm stayig back up here I am not going anywhere. It's not even a question, I mean where are you going to go? The answer is that I want to go to find my family but it could take five hours to get there. This is not a snowstorm. If you wantt o go outside then go, but this is part of the problem. Everyone stay inside.

You can't put it away is the problem. When you wake up tomorrow it will still be this way. It's never going to be fixed, this is what's really happening.


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