The Outbreak: Bullshit

Monday, June 13, 2005


I've got to come out and say this now, though I've been putting it off, figuring shit, people have worse things to worry about, and if that's how they need to blow off steam, then that's how they need to blow off steam so whatever, but now I'm sick of it, so here: STOP POSTING MADE-UP BULLSHIT IN THE COMMENTS. Everyone with a copy of 28 Days Later that they looted from a Blockbuster is suddenly writing apocalyptic fiction with themselves in the Mad Max role. No, this is not directed at everyone in there, because I know there are pockets in the Northeast and New England and throughout the whole country that are out of control, and of course there's the West Coast, but when I see things about how the South is lost and how cities and towns in upstate New York are totally overrun, I'm like, "I know that's not true." My grandparents are living proof. Shit is awful everywhere, God knows it's awful, but we're not at Game Over yet, and spreading disinformation about it isn't going to help anyone. If you want to be an outlooker be an outlooker. Don't do it on my page.


Anonymous Jeff said...

The funny thing is how close to these movies the outbreak has been, i never dreamed i would see the dead rise up and walk. But unfortunately i did.

I realised something today. Ive got just a few rounds left in my gun, just before my grandpa died he gave me his sidearm from his military days. Now this isnt the most reliable piece and its in desperate need of a cleaning but its gotten me through some tight situations. Maybe ill save one bullet, for you know, just incase i get bit or something. I dont want to die like that. But thats my last resort.

One of them managed to get in the lobby of my workplace today, he practically walked right through the glass door. Luckily they havent learned to climb or jump because if they do learn how to get over the desk out front then god help me! Wheres god in all this?! I lived a good life without sin, so why am I being punished?!!

I looked around the building today, its so desolate just dead and desolate. It wouldnt be so bad if i just had someone to talk to, its been such a long time since i heard a human voice. I think the city evacuated and the part that didnt get the chance either died or are like me and held up somewhere, possibly thinking the same thing.

Oh and i checked the phone messages today. I could almost pinpoint the time of infection with the severity of the calls. Like it went from normal everyday cough and cold to patients calling in screaming about bites and scratches.

I bet the hospitals were ground zero for infection.

Well its late now and i must sleep or catch my death in cold. Im running out of food and water but i can manage for a couple days. I might go out tommorow theres a Walmart a block away (I hope, its still in tact, I remember the news reports of looting), why should i worry about the dead. They are slow and i should be able to run around them.

Good Luck Guys.

Jeff Out!

Monday, June 13, 2005 10:05:00 PM  
Anonymous dr. john said...

food trucks came today!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005 2:33:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

after she read this post from sean my friend said this.
"dont you ever worry that all over the world, there are probably countless people held up, hiding and terrified and isolated in some basement or shopping mall, but in some twighlight zone irony are only hiding from a few revs and just over the hill, or in the neighborhood on the other side of the park, there are others like them, with food and plenty of water and a big fucking wall with a moat around it and a garden and beds?"

Davey Oil

Tuesday, June 14, 2005 4:30:00 AM  
Blogger Mistrmind said...

I wish my situation were like 28 Days Later. At leat that movie had a hopefull outlook and somewhat happy ending.

After loosing my boat, watching 5 people get killed and now dealing with about 100 locals on an island low on food and water, I just wish my situation were like the movies.

There is talk here of another expedition to the Cape. I may just sit that one out.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005 9:47:00 AM  
Anonymous Jeff said...

I made it to the Walmart! I went around the loading bay to see if i could find my way in the only way to enter was by breaking a window, i looked around the area for some revs and with so much anger i punched the glass window to my suprise it was still all intact, so i punched it again for a second time and it shattered and cut my hand just above the knuckles in fact you can actually see them when i make a fist, these things would have bothered me before but i figured out i used to put my comfort above survival.

I talk to you from a new labtop from the Walmart electronics department. Im suprised they didnt loot this place first when the panic happened. I keep hearing a loud thud in the back of the store and im afraid to check it out but i know ill have to, so i can have a safe stronghold. As I searched the store earlier i noticed all the guns on the racks in the hunting department were gone (I dont know if its a good or a bad thing, but atleast i know there are survivors out there....somewhere)

Well im about to go investigate that thumping noise i hear in the back so if you dont hear from me then my fate has already came true.

Good luck guys.
Jeff out.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005 7:06:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is freaking me out. what has been true and what hasn't? We just figured it was all true. Kristine has friends in San Diego and when she read what Bill alluded to the other day she got real scared.
what's true?
Has Jeff been kidding? I guess it looks like it. I feel really weird about this idea...
Davey Oil

Wednesday, June 15, 2005 12:09:00 AM  
Anonymous dr. john said...

People are hungry. A lot hungrier than I thought. And on edge. I wouldn't call it a riot, when happened at the food truck today. But things got ugly a few times.

It used to be the grocery store, but nobody calls it that anymore. Nobody even goes in that building anymore. You just cluster in the parking lot and queue up at the back of the food truck, where an army guy with a pistol on his hip gives you bread and cheese from a crate. It's good to see what is still available. Twinkies. Cans of frosting. Lettuce. Hamburger meat. Lots of stuff that must have been made in factories, which means that there must be cities where the factories are still open. But a lot of it was government cheese and day-old bread. People took what they were offered and were happy about it, mostly. Unless they didn't get enough, or were too far back in line and got nothing. There were a few fistfights.

It makes me realize how lucky I am that the people in my neighborhood watch starting planning ahead on this stuff a long time ago. We were siphoning gas out of abandoned vehicles weeks before anyone else around here. And a vehicle seriously upgrades your ability to forage, and to get away from a Bad Situation. We've been stockpiling everything we can.

I don’t know how bad things are in other places. I hope people aren’t just making up a bunch of stuff. This is exactly the wrong forum for that! Our lives depend on this stuff. If it’s not reliable information, it’s just a bunch of horror fiction. Sean, I’m glad your grandparents are safe. Mistermind, I’m sorry your last boat trip ended so badly. It sounded like a good plan otherwise. Jeff, please tell me you’re not investigating strange noises ALONE! I’m going to stay as optimistic as I can, not easy for me even in the best of times. Maybe there’s misinformation floating around, but I’ll look to Sean’s posts and comments as my window into the situation as a whole.

Here, things are holding out, but I don’t know how long. Everything is slowly getting worse. Maybe I’m just a doomsayer. And you can tell me I'm being pessimistic if you want. Sure, there's lots of people still alive. Lots of vestiges of our civilization endure. The highways are clear, because the Army patrols them. But the side streets, you take your chances. The libraries around here are all closed and half-looted. I’ve heard rumors that there are neighborhoods that we’ve totally abandoned, and left to Them. They say cops and the firemen don't patrol there, and anything seen coming out is shot on sight. I don’t know if that’s true, but we decided not to take our foraging runs to those places anyway - I just don’t want to know. What little news is on TV I learned to ignore even before the dead were walking the earth.

TV is all repeats. (I’m not being flippant about that, either! How bad is it out in California that they’ve stopped producing television shows? I really don’t know. … I don’t know, maybe it’s just that our local stations aren’t showing them. I haven’t been keeping up with the entertainment news lately.) Government cheese tastes like old socks. Then again, some of the expensive cheese I used to buy tasted that way too.

My fist hurts from knocking that guy out today. Another nightmare last night, too, where i wake up in a dark room and Bill is there and he just keeps asking me why. That's all, just why. Why.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005 1:16:00 AM  
Anonymous Jeff said...

Hey guys just letting you know all is well with me. I checked the store room and found something ive been wanting to find since day 1 of the outbreak....survivors!

Being unarmed i grabbed a fish club (which is sort of a short metal bat)from the fishing depot and headed for the storeroom, slowly i opened the door and before i was even able to swing my bat i was tackled to the floor!I thought my time was up from this world, till i noticed my attacker wasnt dead.

I met Jake and Christine both had to work on the day of outbreak and didnt make it home before the "storm". There was one more person in the storeroom but he didnt make it and had gotten bit trying to turn off the doors he was locked in the security office and had been banging against the window so much you could see little drops of blood and saliva on the window.

It feels good not to be lonely anymore, they even gave me a fresh outfit to wear including one of those blue Walmart vests with the annoying smiley face on it and it says "How can i help you" on the back.

I dont know if Seans post was meant towards me but I have severe panic attacks and i havent had my pills since i ran out. So sorry if i seemed like it was "Game Over" When I do have these attacks i tend to have a negative outlook on things. Again I am sorry.

Good Luck Guys,
Jeff Out.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005 8:03:00 AM  
Blogger Jodie said...

My son and I (and our two dogs) have moved into the hospital clinic after an incident that happened when he was home and I was at work. The ancient neighbors apparently kicked the bucket and went to the dark side...and attacked our house first. My son is only 16 and it was too frightening. Thank goodness for the dogs -- I've always thought they had zero brains but if it weren't for them, my son wouldn't be here.

There are a lot of us living at the medical center now. Yes, it's scary with sick people here -- but every one on staff is armed and we are using restraints liberally on anyone who may possibly die. I understand that surgery was especially hazardous prior to utilizing restraints.

I'm still working with the research group but nothing yet, really. Some of the docs are putting in 18 hour days -- they sleep and then they're up again.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005 12:03:00 PM  
Blogger Ellis said...

I have reasons to be believe my band is dead, and with that so are three of my friends. I tried to get ahold of them and I could only manage to speak to one of them named Nick.

I told him I was heading to the highschool which is three floors high, with supplies and enough materials to fortify it for months, even years.

He hung up, telling me his mom and dad were sick. Funny, I never really thought he cared for them. I'll be heading across Kitsilano later on under the shadow of night, bringing my trusty hammer and jack knife. Sure I'm just a kid, and sure I won't be taking alot, but I'd rather take a dying risk to make my life better then live here without my loved ones.

I'll find a computer and try and give a report...If I make it.

Good luck to all, please, if the world makes a come-back and you and any other survivors are considered heros. Make me a fucking statue.

Thursday, July 28, 2005 11:19:00 PM  

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