The Outbreak: Follow-up

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I don't wanna get into it too much. We've all got better things to do than police comment threads. The people who are full of it know who they are, and the people who aren't also know who they are. It's not too hard to figure out.

I told my parents about the boozing situation yesterday. It did not go over that great. Mental illness of any kind is always going to be a failure to them, no matter how much they are educated about the reality of it. This is the stigma Amy had to deal with for all these years I guess. I only experienced it once, when I briefly went on medication for ADD. My mother reacted like she'd found out I was being sexually molested. Same way she used to react about my hair, my clothes, the hours I kept, my job, how often I saw Amy, blah blah blah. What the fuck, man? When I was in high school she was always so accomodating about that sort of shit. (Not Amy, but everything else.) Only after I graduated college and moved back home did she start having these twice-annual freakouts. I guess in high school she was okay with it because she assumed it was a phase I was going to grow out of. Never grew out of it. Tough tootles, Mom. As for the ADD medication, it made me feel gross in the middle of the day so I stopped taking it. Score one for the anti-psychiatry contingent here in the Collins family.

I don't know--am I really? I don't see myself twelve-stepping anytime soon. I had a problem. I'm dealing with it. I stand a decent chance of losing my wife and getting thrown out by my landlords if I don't, after all.

Sometimes I get resentful because it's not like I threatened shit after all the sexual problems, going on so long with no end in sight. But there's a lot of stuff I owe her for anyway so I probably don't have a right to. We'll just keep adding dysfunction onto dysfunction until we're square. Even steven. You know there was a time where I figured that if we were together and I was faithful to her for as long as we were together and I was unfaithful then all the problems would magically disappear? Hell, I thought just getting married might do it, did you know that? Amy says she doesn't want my apologies. I don't think she has choice and she never will. Sorry Amy. Shit, there I go. Never will.

All you people who are legitimately in dire straits, if it's even remotely feasible, come to Long Island. It's not that bad here. Stay aware of the disposition of those close to you, stay home unless you need to leave, stay in at night and you're okay. The bridges are fine, the roads are decent, the crews are in really good shape. Avoid Manhattan and the Bronx if you can, because as you can see things are the kinds of things you want to avoid there, but yeah. Strong Island represent.


Anonymous phil from schenectady said...

Sean, what happened in Long Island that things are better there? When the Outbreak first started, was your community quick to react, and that's why things aren't so bad? 'Cause here in Schenectady, I gotta admit it, we were totally unprepared and we didn't handle things well at first, and we've been trying to play catchup ever since.

That comment I made earlier, about my misgivings about the food situation, and the, er, extremes I was considering? OK, a) I was drunk, and b) I wasn't really talking about something I have to face in reality. We do still have food here. We're not overrun - we're just tired and frazzled and, you know, the mind wanders to the macabre in situations like this. Hell, the mind STARTS at the macabre, and you have to move it away from the macabre by force of will. I'm with Dr. John - I don't want to be a doomsayer either. We gotta stick together.

Thursday, June 16, 2005 7:22:00 AM  
Blogger Mistrmind said...

Please don't come to Cuttyhunk.
We're low on:
Common sense.

Just yesterday the Norweigen Majesty docked outside the main harbor. 1400 people disembarked since their destination (Boston) is kind of on the undesirable side at the moment.
The Majesty, low on supplies themselves, figured we'd be able to feed and board 1400 people. The town selectman had a nice but fruitless chat with the ship's Captain. Regardless, we're stuck with 1400 people, all wondering what to do and where to go. Only 26 homes on the island, so if you do the math, we can't board everyone. The Majesty left this morning. I'm sure the Captain and the crew sans paying customers are looking for greener pastures.

I, on the other hand, am trying to keep my family intact and a roof over our heads, while some dipshit from Conneticut his wife and snotnosed daughter are trying to push my wife, daughter, boarders out of the house we're in. If survival wasn't an issue it would be comical, but right now I ain't laughing.

Thursday, June 16, 2005 1:02:00 PM  
Anonymous phil from schenectady said...

whoa, Mr. Mind ... just the little part of what you've said doesn't sound good. That many people on such a small island, I hope you guys can organize some pretty serious raiding parties into the coast towns soon. Your situation immediately reminded me of this.

Friday, June 17, 2005 1:29:00 AM  
Blogger Mistrmind said...


We're no where near that type of situation.
Cooler head prevail. A local ferry offered to transport the passengers to Hyannis. Hated to waste the fuel, but 1400 is just way too many people to live here. I have to say about 1200-1300 people left. It took 4 trip with one re-fuel. I was told that Hyannis was bad, but not as bad as Woodshole, or Darthmouth. God help those people. The 100 that stayed are boarded at inns and some local homes for the time being. We're lucky since Cuttyhunk gained 2 doctors, and 10 nurses out of the deal. Downside is we gained 6 lawyers. Not sure what they can offer? Still no medicine, but I heard that the selectmen as asked the local fishermen to take a couple of trawlers out to fish. I few of us, including me volunteered for the duty. We'll leave a 3 am tomorrow morning. Won't be back til around 3-4pm Saturday. Should be fun. I hope.

Friday, June 17, 2005 2:10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's been a little less scary here, too.
we've got a lot of people but a lot of canned food right now as well.
we try to be quiet when we're not in the basement. the house was already shot up and looted before we got here and we do a good job keeping it looking empty.

we really do have a solar power set-up. craig and tyler and todd, take a bow. its always sunny for at least a couple of hours a day and that gives us a little power. it rains a couple of hours a day, too. that gives us a few paint buckets of water from the second floor balcony.
we have a project that keeps us busy and kind of a lot of candles for the basement.

sometimes people sit near upstairs windows and watch. revs just keep poking around for someone to eat all day and all night sometimes. there are a few regulars who poke around the bushes and wander behind dumpsters and shake the fences and just look around all the time. that is pretty frightening. it doesn't sound like they are finding anybody lately.

not true! we heard a little fighting just today, people shouting and guns. we dont know if it was people and people or people and zombies and we won't go and see till we need to worry about supplies.

we are still hiding. I dont say where in my comments to anymore cause some of the team want security about that. Almost everybody here reads this blog and alot of what I write comes from the rest of my friends talking over my shoulders. Anyway if anybody else in seattle is hiding and sees this we'd like to be in touch.
I dont think end of the world, I just think end of this city, end of my parents, end of many governments around the world, end of dead bodies not getting up and trying to eat people, end of reason for some people.

things will be good as long as supplies last. maybe another week before we need to go grocery shopping.

Bye, everybody!

Davey Oil

Saturday, June 18, 2005 1:40:00 PM  

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