The Outbreak: It's not up to me

Sunday, March 13, 2005

It's not up to me

I've sort of been fascinated with my own reaction to feedback I've been getting about "1995" over the past few days. This is really the first time I've gotten outside reactions to a comic of mine (this is only the second finished comic I've helped produce, after all), and to my surprise I've felt extremely uncomfortable with explaining how the strip is "supposed" to read. My reluctance to come out and tell inquisitive folks the meaning or tone or whatever of the comic is borderline Gloeckner-esque, which I truly did not see coming. It's not that I think all opinions about a given work of art (including mine) are equally valid--just that it's not my place to conduct binding arbitration as to which is more valid than the others. I'll be curious to see if my thoughts on this change as I produce more stuff that people can read.

One thing's for sure: If this is how weird I feel when I hear from people I've asked for feedback, I truly don't understand the mindset of the creators who seek out and argue against opinions from total strangers!


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