The Outbreak: Pitchfork

Sunday, March 20, 2005


For some reason I didn't know that this site existed until last Friday or something like that. Actually, that's not entirely true: I think I'd heard of it, but assumed that with a name like that it was some sort of Papa Roach/Damageplan fan site. Nu-metal, like Communism, can still do a lot of damage in its lingering death throes. Call it Snow Patrol Syndrome. (It's amazing how much damage a poorly selected moniker can do. I mean, I've got to assume I'm not the only person who drew that conclusion about the site, since let's face it, any thought that occurs to anyone has occurred to somebody else, and probably lots of sombodies else.)

Anyway, I just got done browsing through a review or twenty on Pitchfork, and it was time well spent. In many cases they were the type of reviews that are erudite, well-informed, devoid of point-scoring and trainspotting, intelligently argued, impeccably sourced, and still wrong (kinda like a superhero comic review by Tim O'Neil), but (as is the case with Tim, who of course is one of the four or five best writers in the ol' comics blogosphere) all that other stuff is nothing to be sneezed at, so I enjoyed them a lot. (Case in point: they kinda pan LCD Soundsytem's record, but have the good sense to a) note that the Eno homage "Great Release" is the best thing on the album; b) point out that "Never as Tired as When I'm Waking Up" owes as much to Floyd as it does to the Beatles, which everyone else seems to have missed. (I would have pegged it to Meddle rather than Dark Side, but the point still stands.))

All this is my roundabout way of introducing this thought: Once you've named your band Vietnam, you might as well call it a day, no? I mean, you're never gonna come up with anything that brilliant ever again.

God, I wish I think of something half as awesome as naming a band Vietnam. (Maybe my "if you've thought of it, thousands of other people have too" rule is bogus. I'm reasonably sure this is the only band called Vietnam, and that's a goddamn astounding idea.)

Postscript: Finding out that Chromeo was spawned by Vice Magazine explains an awful lot.


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