The Outbreak

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Today we went out to move the body off the front lawn and one of them attacked us. All of a sudden I felt a weight on my back and I fell forward. I flipped over and it was yelling and grabbing for my face. It was an old man in a suit. I didn't recognize him. I pushed upward and kept him away from me, and as I did that my arms felt totally at ease, like I could have lifted a car up just as effortlessly. John and Mike pulled him off of me. I went back inside and I really felt fine, until I realized I couldn't remember how to lock the door. I could feel my head throbbing and chest pounding and the whole everything seemed to move in and out. This time I tried trazodone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Staying medicated, too. we have plenty of warm beer.

Didnt get back home that first night. wound up at the Seattle foodnotbombs squat, a squatted garage some friends live at. things got real bad out here real fast. those things are all over the city. I think my roommate is dead.
kristine. roscoe said she saw her at scribble squat on wed night and I've heard that the things got inside there and nobody got out.
we've gone out a few times to look for friends and scout around. we thought we'd be safe on bikes, but that's bullshit. they just grabbed twig right off his bike when we were surrounded in volunteer park. we just rode to missoula together last month and I just left him there. he was a nice guy, was gonna give a silkscreen workshop at the zine library this june.

I hear the kids at the anarchist bookfair in sf are okay. they just locked the door of the convention center and are eating the snacks.

i lnow you didnt want your blog to get political, but I am very glad to be with anarchists right now. there are seven of us in the squat. everybodies working together to survive, just like they had to do before. those things cant cooperate and that's a comfort. I just we knew what was goin g on

we've got all the foodnotbombs supplies and everybodies got a useful skill but me. I'm not sure if this is my usual problem with punk cred or what but I wish I knew more about how to survive right now.

speaking of politics, there was this socialist, statist dude here at first. he tried to take over and boss everybody around. we are getting by on consensus process and voluntary association, just like always. it was like a fucking movie, like alien3 or fucking shawn of the dead, asshole was mouthing off about how he was the activist with the most experience, had helped with a zappatista occupation of some govt buildings in chiapas, blah blah and then the front ddoor musta been unlatched, it just swung open and the barrista from the cafe on the corner came right in a grabbed him. I was closest. they fell on me. it was like getting jumped by whitehats in high school, rage just turned on and I'm screaming and pushing them both out the door and closing it. she killed hime with her hands and teeth on the porch, dragged him away herself.

beatle was with me when I got here. this morning he took off, stole my bike and all the tapes and the battery powered boombox we were using during the day, when it didnt attract those things to bang on the windows. I bet he went to the library, that's where he said he wanted to go. i hope he made it.

I keep saying "those things". but this is like zombies, right? some of them look all messed up. are they dead or just numb to pain?

I've been writting this note a bit a night since the last one I wrote.
I'm gonna try to get everybody to make a dash to the zine library. it's in a basement and only has one entrance. it'd be easier to defend than the squat. if a few of those things pounded on the big window at once it could break.

shit I am almost outta batteries and this place never had power.

sean, I keep writting to you cause I hope when I get online I can see that you are still posting and it'll mean long island is still there and that'll mean my family might be okay.

all the power is down here and its raining alot so its hard to hear the things at night.

we are a block away from the library in the value village and I'm plugged into a wall dialling up and I'm online! find my family! we lost three making it here
gonna go friends are yelling


Friday, April 01, 2005 10:24:00 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

Jesus Christ, Dave. STAY INSIDE STAY INSIDE STAY INSIDE!!! If you HAVE to travel around to stay connected that's one thing, or if your place is compromised, but DON'T galavant around to find your friends. When they get the mind to they're like a charging bull or rhino. The first couple days I'd see them take down CARS, let alone bikes. Just stay inside, please dave.

Saturday, April 02, 2005 1:07:00 AM  

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