The Outbreak

Monday, July 25, 2005

I've noticed that people are calling revs "zombies" a lot more often these days. Nobody wanted to use the z-word at first, but now you see it fairly frequently. I think there are a few reasons. When things first started happening, I imagine nobody really wanted to come to grips with what was actually going on; calling them revenants or revs took some of the boogeyman edge away from it. On the flip side, having a semi-scientific-sounding name for them also made them sound less ridiculous than something out of a b-movie, and whatever else they are they're not ridiculous. But now that we're used to the idea, the truth comes out.

On an unrelated note, I stabbed a man to death a couple of weeks ago. That's what I've been alluding to. A living man, I should say, not a revenant. It was the guy whose mother-in-law lived next door. Like I said, he came back here after all this time with a gun, in another car, absolutely shitfaced. He parked it on the front lawn and got out and sat there and waited, with the gun in his hand. Kurt was out, and we knew that if he showed up in the middle of all this the guy would just end up shooting him as he drove up in the van. Amy passed by the window at one point, going into the bedroom to use the bathroom, and he took a shot at her. It didn't hit the window, it just hit the house. But then he started hitting the front door with the bullets, and I heard some glass break and I heard Mike downstairs yelling. I grabbed a kitchen knife and took my familiar route down the deck. When I snuck up to the front yard he had his back to me, trying to crawl in the window he'd broken, and I could still hear Mike shouting for help. I just walked right up to the guy and stabbed him right in the back, with a downward motion, like Psycho. I remember wondering if I'd done it right, because of that scene in 12 Angry Men where Jack Klugman explains that real people stab each other with an upward motion. But whatever I did it did the trick--he let out this gasp, or sucked it in, whatever it was, and went still almost immediately. I almost forgot to pull him down off the windowsill and stab him in the eye, too, but Mike reminded me.

When the crew finally showed up they took Mike to the hospital, which none of us were happy with, but he's okay--just got shot in the foot. They don't seem to be planning on charging me with anything.


Anonymous TheDeacon said...

I haven't had the displeasure of killing another living human, although being pent up on a roof day in and day out sure has brought me close.

You know, it feels strange using the Internet again after so long. For years I had owned a small computer repair shop in downtown Milwaukee before the outbreak and computers had become a part of my life.

A few weeks after the initial outbreak (funny how I can't seem to place an exact time frame), the revs broke into our building (I keep the shop downstairs and we live upstairs), which isn't surprising, as there's nothing separating the outside but a huge plate glass window. It was thick enough to hold them off at first, but get enough of them together...

Anyways, they got in the front and there were enough outside the back exit to make escape impossible, so we (wife and I) hauled ass upstairs.

Milwaukee is a fairly crime ridden town, but folks know me well enoughthat carrying a gun was never necessary. D'oh.

We wedged a dresser up to the door, but there must have been thirty of those bastards and they began to break through within a few hours.

No place to go but up. Being a native Wisconsinite, I had camping gear, which I had my wife throw up to the flat roof, aong with other supplies. We pulled up the retractable ladder and have been here since. My wife, God bless her, brought the gardening supplies (potting soil and seeds for the little garden she was planning when we bought our first house, which was ironically planned for a week after the outbreak).

First time I nearly got bitten was when I grabbed the laptop and threw it up the ladder, hitting my poor wife in the face and breaking the cellular modem card in the process.

Our neighbors in the next building came up on their roof to visit us alot, toss over food, etc. It was like a camping trip. Two fo us, five of them, sitting back and drinking beer, reviewing gossip (they had access to a TV, as their building wasn't compromised) But here I was with solar power, a laptop....and no Internet.

To make a long story short, my neighbors took pity on me. One of them had a gun, they went down to my shop and killed a few revs, grabbed several cards and hauled ass to their building, revs in tow.

Samantha, God bless her, threw the cards to me even as a rev had his filthy teeth on her neck. Her husband, Tim, shot it in the head, but had used all his bullets shooting the revs in my store and couldn't reload in time.

They screamed and they died, died helping a neighbor that they barely knew before the outbreak, but were ready to lay down their lives for.

It was a long time before I could bring myself to even use the cellular modem, I felt like such a greedy bastard for whining about my lack of Internet, but then my wife Sarah started to go a little goofy in the head and to be frank, so did I.

My neighbors are still on the roof of the other building, twelve feet away from me. Watching me. Watching. I think the guilt is going to be too much for me to bear. I realy wish I had their gun and spare ammo right now.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005 4:57:00 AM  
Anonymous Jeff said...

Having to kill someone vs Wanting to kill someone is totally different, Sean you did right thing. The prick endangered the lives of your family and friends so you had to take matters in your own hands. Bravo man Bravo!

Its been a day since we lost Jake to a rev and Christine hasnt said anything all day and has huddled herself up in a tent in the back of the store. She hasnt ate all day and i really worry for her. I started to have serious feelings for her and i love her, I dont want her to worry about death. I think i fucked up when Jake died. Maybe i should have been the one to die.

Ive been sitting in the electronics department for a couple hours now trying to take my mind off yesterdays incident. I picked a game to play called Hitman in which you play a hitman and you go around killing people, I used to be able to have fun playing these games but they have become soooo real that its just not fun to kill a human being even if it is a person in the game.

Well Im gonna get back to my chores and im gonna see if I can get Christine to eat something. Good Luck guys.


Thursday, July 28, 2005 10:54:00 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

I remember right after 9/11 playing Goldeneye and pretending the bad guys were Taliban. I'd imagine I'd be doing that with zombies now if I had a game console. I know how you feel, Jeff, but I'm still too angry at anything not to want to get that frustration out somehow.

Thursday, July 28, 2005 11:04:00 PM  
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