The Outbreak: How does it feel, suck suck suck

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

How does it feel, suck suck suck

I'd never seen a revenant actually kill a human being before Monday. I'd seen revenants. Too many. I'd seen people who used to be human beings and weren't anymore. I'd seen dead bodies, like real dead bodies. I don't really remember too much of the coverage at the beginning but it seemed like they never showed anything actually happening--the self-imposed clampdown was almost instantaneous. I might have seen something there, I suppose. But I'd never seen an actual killing take place in real life, in front of me. Until Monday.

We were woken up in the middle of the night by this huge incomprehensible racket in the street. It took us a minute to realize it was the immigrant family on the corner, the one whose dad yelled at me once for parking in front of his house after I voluntarily offered to move the car since I saw they were having work done. I was like man, you have the whole corner, you can't TELL me where not to park! This man was now dead. I'm going to assume heart attack. And they'd taken him as far as the car (parked not where I used to park btw) when he started moving again. I don't know why they didn't immediately put a knife through his eye, which from what I understand is the easiest way to do things. A Muslim thing? That's if they are Muslim, which I guess I'm not sure about. They could just be some other Eastern European/Balkan/former USSR culture I don't know about. But the old women are always covered and there's that masjid up Newbridge that clearly used to be a Friendly's. The point is that this man came back to "life" and when I looked out the window he was attacking another man while the rest of the family tried to pull him off. But he had such a good grip on the other man's head because his thumbs were dug into his ears, as far as I could tell. The man's head was tilted back and screaming and that's when the zombie-man bit his neck.

There's the slightest delay before blood really starts to flow. There's that split second where the stage manager goes "okay, you're on!" and then out it comes.

Anyway Kurt was on his way out already and shot them both. A few of the girls went after him but he just sort of pushed them away, hard, and backed back toward the house with the gun facing the family. who thank god had thought better of going after him into the house. But we boarded up the windows anyway and they're still boarded up. Amy and I used earplugs for the rest of the night.

Apparently and you'll fogive me if this doesn't seem very urgent considering what I saw which required nothing but a dad having a heart attack, but apparently they can semi-hunt. They don't just wander aimlessly unless they're very new to the surroundings, which is why even when things were at their worst you didn't see too many except in the big swarms. Once they see that nothing is there they hide out someplace and wait for a target. They lurk is I guess what I'm saying.

We are thinking about moving in with my parents.


Anonymous Jeff said...

I sometimes wish the media would have told us how to handle these situations but i guess they didnt know how either. So much for NASA, from what i understood all this was cause by some space radiation or disease brought in from space.

I guess people just cant let go of their loved ones when they change, i mean im suprised that the family went that long without getting bit or scratched I wouldnt think the family would get passed the doorway before they became someones blood pudding.

Who would have thought we would be in these situations, its almost like if someone told me that i would be living at Walmart and everything in a George Romero movie is true i wouldnt believed them.

Well keep safe Sean and dont let the bed bugs bite, thank god thats the only thing that bites when I sleep!


Tuesday, July 12, 2005 8:16:00 PM  

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