The Outbreak: Dream

Monday, July 11, 2005


The new Twin Towers have been built, and the revs have started a small outbreak in it. I need to get across Manhattan to where Amy is (a hotel?), but I left my cell phone in my own room. Soon I find myself struggling to figure out which direction I'm walking in--it's supposed to be Manhattan, but it feels a lot more like New Haven; more green, more residential areas, fewer skyscrapers. Then I see two huge explosions, one in each tower. There are now huge outbreaks going on in both towers. The zombies are spilling out into the streets and I'm afraid to be below 14th Street but I've decided that I'm going to risk everything to be able to protect Amy. I end up trying to cut through some bar or something to get where I'm going, and when I get to the street behind the bar it's full of guys in business shirts and ties with their sleeves rolled up and ties wrapped around their heads like bandanas, wielding torches and bats and swords, chanting about how they're going to wipe the revs out. There's some sort of weird ultra-modern cathetdral with a glass spire nearby, up on top of a small grass slope. I manage to get to my hotel(?) room and find my phone, but by now it's dark out. The kitchen knife is in my hand.


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