The Outbreak: It's your anniversary, happy anniversary

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

It's your anniversary, happy anniversary

Yesterday was our third wedding anniversary. While it's safe to say that neither of us could possibly have imagined where we'd be at this point in time...well, I'm happy, is what I'd like to say. Happy with her, anyway, Me, not so much, but I'm trying. I'd imagine she feels this is a fairly accurate assessment of things. I've asked a lot of her since this started, asked her to forgive the drinking, asked her to forgive nearly getting myself killed. She, too, is trying. That's enough, more than I deserve. I do know that I love her more with each passing year, as cheesy as that sounds. I still think it's amazing that we even met (at a wedding reception for one of my cousins in Delaware, because we were the only ones there who knew how to do the Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Picture Show). To the extent I believe in things being meant to be at all, a notion which has certainly received quite a challenge to it if you ask me over the past few months, I believe I was meant to be with her. I'm lucky.

I think the most stressful thing is knowing that each night is a crap shoot. The other night I had a laryngospasm and woke up suffocating for a few seconds before I could breathe. My laryngospasms were always fewer and farther between and less severe than my dad's, but it scared the shit out of me this time. I don't want to die in the middle of the night; I don't want the last time Amy wakes up to be to me killing her. I don't want the last time I wake up to be to Amy killing me. I don't want Lucy to die either, the little mushpants that she is. I honestly think that this may have been harder on her than either of us simply because we couldn't find her usual cat food anymore, and are constantly giving her new brands. She gets sick all the time. But she's resilient, which is good. If she had snuck out the night when I blacked out and jumped off the deck, I never would have forgiven myself.

Right. Happy anniversary, honey. I love you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill Here.
Happy Anniversary, Sean & Amy. Congrats. If you can make it work with the dead trying to eat you, hey, bring it on. (somehow, Hallmark never got around to making that card... LOL!)

Goin' huntin'...
Got a team of lean mean wackos who are gonna capture a rev this weekend. that's our big plan, then it's miller time with this case of George Dickle no. 12 I "liberated" from Cooks liquor a while back.
The team is all guys from my karate school -- Me, Chris, Steve Sensei, Mike and Navy Dave. (I think Navy Dave's real name is Joe... but I always call him Navy Dave and he answers, so whatever). Should be fun. What this says about the psyche of the average karate guy, I don't know. :D
I don't apoligize for thinking this will be fun and looking forward to the challenge.

We've got an A-Team style van all gassed up and a brick shed we're going to store it in. The rev, I mean. Made two crude "man catchers" out of some steel pipe, the ends have a large "c" shape piece of pipe welded onto it, so we should be able to grab a rev and pin it in there. Got some nets too. I volunteered to act as bait since I'm the fastest. We're going to drive into some areas we know are still having sitings and see what we can't scare up.

Part of me hopes we wont' find one.
And part of me really really REALLY fucking wants to.
I can't sleep, I'm too excited.

Wish us luck.

Thursday, August 18, 2005 10:17:00 PM  
Anonymous Jeff said...

Congrats Sean and Amy on the happy date.

I am now checking in with you all on my progress to find safety, me and Christine loaded up the car, gased it up and headed down I-4 heading south, i chose to go this way because its more rural and backwoods. We passed a couple revs on the highway just leaving Jacksonville, I just stuck my foot on the gas as hard as i could and did the only thing natural to me "I hauled ass!" past them and all they could do was swat at the car.

I wouldnt dare try to run over them because i remember seeing news reports of people doing so and the rev would end up stuck under the car being dragged but still alive, so the person would drive to their location and the rev would spread the virus like wildfire.

We made it to St Augustine not to far from Jax and thats where I am talking to you from. Its a small tourist attraction city and oldest city in Florida, the economy has dried up here but some of the shops are still open and intact. It used to be booming with people taking tours of the city with guides dressed up like in the days of the Spanish rule. Its weird to see the tour guides now they used to carry lanterns to see where they were going, now they carry around shotguns and pistols.

I tried to get Christine to talk earlier, I took her to the most romantic diner here in St Augustine (its good to see alot of the places are still open) gave her some wine to get her to relax.

She began to cry into her napkin. She told me that Jake gave her a promise ring that if they made it through this ordeal together that they would get married. I guess its the only hope she could have from this entire situation. I didnt want to break her heart so I just held her. I really love her and i dont want to upset her so ill just keep it cool.

I think we may stay here. Im enjoying the view and the air never smelled so good.Its also good to see the law still running, a couple police cars are around here at all hours driving up and down the streets. From what I understand from the locals if it gets to rev infested we can always baricade ourselves up in the Fort.

BTW BE CAREFUL BILL DONT BE TOO FOOLISH, The revs might not be the fastest things but they do pack a mean bite!

Thursday, August 18, 2005 11:49:00 PM  

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