The Outbreak

Thursday, September 29, 2005

I wonder when we will next get to see Amy's family. All this business with my ___ lately has made her miss them more, and more vocally. But Colorado is a long way away. If there's a flight we can get on, great, but what are the odds?

I used to get commenters around here all the time, you know. From the stories they told I'd guess they're mostly dead now. Including my old friend Bill from high school. He was the best Dungeon Master I ever knew. Well, he was the only Dungeon Master I ever knew, or ever played with I should say. But he was good. I had the biggest thing for his girlfriend back when I was a, what, freshman in high school and he was a junior? That's how we met. I "did not impress him as a person" at that time. Yet we're still friends, and where's the girlfriend I wonder now? I don't wonder too hard though because you never know what the answer is and more often than not you don't really want to know. It's like the time--I have this t-shirt "class of 1992" from middle school with the names of all the kids in my class on the back, and sometimes I'd forget I was wearing it (as a pajama shirt or workout shirt mostly) and Amy would be behind me and go "Oh, hey, what about Joe Schmoe? What's he up to these days?" like she knew who Joe Schmoe was but really she's just reading it off the back of the t-shirt, and I'd start to answer before I realized what she was doing. Anyway, one time she asked that about someone, and my answer was that he was killed on 9/11. I've heard of some more names on the shirt since this all happened so I don't really wear it anymore.

I'm frustrated because I wonder if this is the end of my hopes of one day being a famous and successful and rich comic book writer. Don't laugh, it could have happened, it had been happening a lot more often these days I would think. At any rate I'm now 27, older than Kurt Cobain when he died, which he did when I was a sophomore in high school. I'm now years past when many people have already made their mark on things. This is not a novel observation but what do you want from me? If I had novel observations to make I'd already be a rich comic book writer and we wouldn't be having this conversation. I'd be safely ensconced in my rich comic book writer estate with armed guards and shit. "Socks and shit--" "oh, things I came up on lootin'!"

I'm just going with the flow, just flowing in the breeze, is what I'm doing.

Look! There comes one of them now!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

a lot of places seem to be "encouraging" people to keep silent about the local situation to anyone but family for security reasons (they don't want refugees, if you ask me). I'm right outside Chicago and things seem to be calm (we weren't hit as badly as most people), but a lot of military convoys keep moving through town. They seem to be heading west, but I'm not sure what their destination is. Supposedly, a lot of police and army patrols here have been replaced with deputized security guards and activated ROTC members.
I keep wondering how soon they'll start a draft or form some sort of localized militia for the area. Have they started organizing anything in your area?
Keep safe.

Friday, September 30, 2005 1:05:00 AM  
Blogger Sean said...

Sorry for my disjointed tone in the above post, btw. I was pretty groggy--up too late.

Anyway, yeah, things are pretty much organized and fine around here, and have been for a long time, actually. It was only a complete clusterfuck for a very little while before crews and Guard units started organizing and keeping things under control. I'm kind of amazed considering the situation in Manhattan at first, but that ended up being one of the few miracles in this whole situation, ultimately.

Long Island has gotten very few refugees, actually--I think people are reticent to get on an Island, even when things are going well. And there are enough places on the East Coast that are in good shape that there are plenty of other options.

Take care!

Friday, September 30, 2005 9:37:00 PM  

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