The Outbreak

Thursday, September 01, 2005

They don't really swim, but they can float. They can float right into large groups of people, actually. They can also just rest there, underwater.

I heard from my friend Sean, who managed to get ahold of Josiah's parents. Josiah and his girlfriend are holed up in the veterinary hospital where she worked (on a volunteer basis for the last five months), alone, surrounded by the stranded animals. I couldn't make that up if I wanted to. I tried the number of the hospital but I only got the same beepbeepbeep I hoped I'd never hear again.

The Guard was already stretched to the maximum down there, dealing with the revs. Now, nothing. Watching it spread through the big groups, that's the worst, that's the absolute worst--just like 3/27, but worse, since now we all know where it's headed. We're not watching the TV anymore. We don't need to be told what this means for us up here. We know. We can see the guy at the gas station.

The tipping point?


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