The Outbreak

Monday, April 18, 2005

Lovely weather today, and yesterday.

So they've established that not everyone comes back. Bite victims, yes. And some non-bite victims. But not all of them. What does this mean, besides that they're really going to need to work a lot harder on figuring out the epidemiology of this? Does it mean that I'll be able to worry a little bit less about having an aneurysm or something overnight and dying and coming back and eating my wife? The answer is no.

I think the trick is to not let yourself get worn down by the fact that you have to ask yourself these kinds of questions and worry about these kinds of things. I get to a point every day where all my brain wants to do is yell "not fair, not fair!" and it's so tempting to self-medicate or go to sleep. But you can't do that. I just say, "Things are getting safer and safer every day." Which isn't always true, but it is generally.


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