The Outbreak

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

We're winning


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey buddy.

beatle was right to come here, a few of our friends are here and at least we are together. my friend janet who was away in mexico is here and that's so wonderful. Ive missed her with alot of my heart and mind until right when this thing started. since then all Ive fealt is worried about her and then here she is! okay, just got in from sf when this all started. she's read the blog. so's everybody down here. everybody really appreciates your blog.

it's gotten weirdly cold and it sounds like there are revs in the parking lot up on the ground floor. remember the tape deck? on the second day we had the door a the top of the stairs cracked and were smoking and we saw and heard the tape deck skid past the open door and then an awful decomposing fucked up monster came around the corner of the building hauling ass and we s;ammed the door shut and listened as it banged against it and finally as it smashed the lifesaving tapedeck against the door. it gave up a few hours later, I dont know why.

I recharged my laptop while we were hiding in the office of the value village and Ive still got some juice. its annoying not to be able to use this thing for fun or even light, cause it is dark all the time here.

still no word from my folks but they dont use email and my voice mail is down cause I got voice-over-IP when I got back from india in jan and my ISP is down. not like this noble phone line at the zine library where we cant call out but I can dial up for internet! we've gone online twice a day to save batteries and are happy to see whenever a news site goes back on and posts that things are getting better in some places. sounds like an awful lot of people have died. nice president, huh? some comment. its weird to read about your own town and learn that someone somewhere thinks that it's not safe to leave the basement you are hiding in.

now there's no food down here. the library is in a a basement and it is dark. the squat was fucked, big broken window and chaos when we left. fealt like we'd packed enough supplies but there are eleven of us now hiding at the library. the same library where I work and four of the friends I'm with volunteer. actually, none of the people I'm with are strangers and in other conditions I liked them all but this is all a bit much. we are doing okay getting along, even though it is scary and we are hungry. we play alot of marco polo in the dark but somebody is always crying. we are trying not to give up and
that's good, but we are all hungry.
good luck.
everybody here says hi, send our love to amy.
davey oil

Wednesday, April 06, 2005 5:36:00 AM  

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