The Outbreak

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Killed one today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ohmygod sean. your info about noise atracting them saved my life.

no time now. most of us made it to the zine library. beatle was there and had the boombox and tapes. he used that to distract the revs that were in the parking lot near the library entrance and the rest of us were able to get inside.
thank you.
any news from my family? any idea how the north shore is doing? It must be different in the suburbs right now. you are right. things are bad here in this city. I bet its like this all over, huh? there are so many of them and I dont know what kinda cops long island's got but all we've got are rev cops and the cops who locked themselves in the station down the street and shot at me the night twig died. then they appoligized from the window when I yelled back and they saw I was human, "Sorry dude! hah hah!" but they wouldnt open the door for us and we had to run. twig would be alive maybe. pigs, huh?

I feel calmer now that we're down in the library. it's dark and we are low on food and outta beer but at least there arent any windows and the phone line works.

I am so glad you are still alive out there. I hope my updates arent worrying you.

Davey Oil

Sunday, April 03, 2005 9:48:00 PM  

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