The Outbreak: Turning the corner?

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Turning the corner?

Woke up today after what can only be described as a bender. I know I said I was done with all that but after Sunday--I know, this is not a good habit. I've seen some people I'm close to, very close to, get in the habit and really hurt not so much themselves but the people they're close to, very close to. I don't need that, Amy doesn't need that, the people downstairs don't need that, my family in Garden City, where I hope to go maybe next week, they don't need that.

What I was trying to say yesterday is that they went house to house all day, into the night, and then all day again today. Up and down, block after block, cops, firemen, EMTs, and the occasional military person, though I really don't know well enough to tell you what branch. The word is that things are okay. Not great, but not Manhattan, which I don't even want to think about and probably couldn't if I wanted to. God, I hope all my friends are alright. That almost sounded like a direct address, that last sentence, didn't it? That is not something I've been in the habit of doing for the past, I don't know, decade or so. I do not think I will get back in it now.

So yeah. You hear the occasional gunshot, and you can definitely hear the big dumptrucks roll through when they roll through, and you know the difference between them and the fire trucks or transports because the dumptrucks smell. They always say it smells different than anything else but you know what? It smells familiar, like every other awful thing you've ever smelt, only you can smell it in your mind, if that makes sense. Knowing what you're smelling makes it worse. It was like when I was always coughing and sneezing in the city when we all came back to work in 2001. Worse because you knew why.

Dave, I hope you are still alright. Please sit tight. I don't know what the situation is like on the West Coast but they are making progress out here. I haven't heard one yelling in almost 24 hours. Sit tight.

Everyone, all my other friends and family, if your'e reading this, I love you so much. Please sit tight.


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